HgH i.M oder subkutan ?

    • The identical rises in the IGF-I and IGF-II levels following a brief course of either subcutaneous or intramuscular injections of growth hormone, the similar growth rates, the low incidence of antibody development, and the preference for the subcutaneous route all suggest that the subcutaneous route is the method of choice for chronic growth hormone therapy.


      Plasma IGF-I increased more with daily sc administration than with 2-4 doses per week. The rate of appearance of an antibody to hGH was low (0.5%) and there were no notable changes in blood cell count, urinalysis and/or routine chemistries during the 6 months of daily recombinant hGH treatment. These results show that sc daily administration of hGH is safe, has a greater growth promoting effect, and can be recommended for the treatment of patients with GH deficiency.


      Seven patients suffering from idiopathic HGH-deficient dwarfism (age 10-19 years) received i.m. and s.c. injection of HGH in the morning (4IU/m2) in random order with an interval of one week. I.m. injections lead to a peak HGH concentration at 2 hours (mean 204,range 135-475 ng/ml) with a return to baseline 8-10 hours after injection. Correspondingly HGH concentration peaked at 4 hrs (mean 38, range 15-68 ng/ml)after s.c. injection and returned to baseline about 18 hours after injection.


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