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      Sicher ist einigen der Youtube channel „Enhanced athletes“bekannt.
      Damit ist wahrscheinlich erstmal Schluss.

      „UK raids uncover suspected sponsors of deadly diet drug

      A series of raids in northern England has uncovered an operation suspected of selling a deadly fat-burning chemical used by bodybuilders that has killed eight young people in Britain in the last two years.

      Around 11 kilos of the chemical 2,4-dinitrophenol, known as DNP, was found last month at premises in Wigton, Cumbria, alongside other legal supplements and equipment that could be used for making tablets.

      The premises are believed to be used by a company called Enhanced Athlete Europe, set up by a flamboyant ex-lawyer turned bodybuilding star who calls himself Dr Huge and has his own YouTube channel on which he extols the virtues of ?the world?s most dangerous fat loss drug?[/i]


      Enhanced Athlete is based in Sacramento, California, fronted by Charles Anthony Hughes (aka Dr Tony Huge) who is said to have given up his legal practice to run the business.

      On his YouTube channel, he openly discusses the use of DNP with other bodybuilders. Other videos flaunt his lifestyle, showing off a Ferrari costing in excess of $150,000 and lifting women over his head.

      He runs the business with Scott Cavell, who was released from prison last year after serving time for mortgage fraud. Cavell was captured and deported from Ireland, where he had fled with a false passport and the proceeds of the fraud, turned into gold and coins. He resorted to drug dealing when it ran out„

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    • acardiac schrieb:

      Denke nicht dass denen groß was blüht. die Haben DNP ja nicht zum Konsum verkauft. Ansonste gibt es in uk kein gesetz was den Vertrieb verbietet. Ich hab mein DNP von den Bullen wieder bekommen nach analyse. Also in DE definitv nicht strafbar.
      Wie konnte unser „ich pass auf meine dummen Bürger auf“Staat,das vergessen.
      Ich bin entsetzt.

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