Alexander Kirketeig: The Norwegian Frequency Project

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    • Alexander Kirketeig: The Norwegian Frequency Project

      Alexander Kirketeig has been a competitive powerlifter since 1994 and has participated in over 25 different international championships for junior and seniors. He has a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology and is considered one of Norway's most experienced strength athletes. From 2007-2015 he was on the board of directors for the Norwegian Powerlifting Federation. The last 10 years he has trained several junior and youth world record holders in powerlifting.

      After retiring from powerlifting in 2009, he made a comeback in 2013 and won both a silver and bronze medal at the 2015 European championships setting 3 new Norwegian records.

      Alexander has also been involved in several studies at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. One of them is The Norwegian Frequency Project.

      In this podcast. Alexander and I discussed this study.

      Some of the topics we cover are:

      What was the background for the study?

      Who where the subjects?

      How was the study designed?

      What was the results?

      We also discussed high frequency training and hypertrophy.

      You can find the abstract to the study here (page 108)

      Hier die Studie als PDF :…ract%20Final%20291012.pdf

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