That you're fat is your own fault!

  • And that's good news. And I'll explain why it's good to take personal responsibility for your weight loss.

    Careful, I'm not sparing anyone.

    When I was a fat boy I had a thousand excuses for my size. Most of them I found in my surroundings: I was fat because of things I couldn't do anything about. These were lies and self-deception, of course, simple justifications to make me feel better.
    In short, I took no responsibility for my condition. Luckily, I realized how wrong I was. I even wrote down a mantra that I bleed myself several times a day.

    The Mantra
    "The condition of my body is entirely my fault. It's my fault. I let myself go. I was just eating trash. I'm the only one responsible and only I can fix it."That worked. I've lost about 30 kilos of fat and built up 12 kilos of muscle. On the way there were mistakes and long periods in which nothing happened. But I also learned important things for life - hard, heartless lessons that have been proven outside the gym.

    Stop wanting to be a victim.
    Nowadays almost no one is a blacksmith of his own happiness. Today, everyone wants to be a victim. And any kind of sacrificial status is welcome. The main thing is that you are not to blame for anything. And once you have found a sacrificial role that suits me, it becomes part of your own personality. The role of the victim is taken over and embraced. Why? Because it's a good way to disclaim all responsibility.

    Listen to the dumbbells
    We'll teach the dumbbells differently. The dumbbells can make you stronger, change your body and teach you determination. And that although (and that's important) they don't give a shit about you. Either you take it in your hand and change your life... or you do nothing and everything stays the same. Weights don't care about it. Instead, they stare you straight in the face and say,"This is going to be hard and it will cost you a lot of work, but in the end you will experience great things. Do it or not."
    In today's society this is a lesson that many people still have to learn. Life is like a dumbbell. The possibilities are right here. All you have to do is pick it up and give it all up. And only you can. As it always has been. And always will be.

    why so serious? - Heath Ledger alias Joker in Batman the dark Knight... :evil:

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