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  • And that's good news. And I'll explain why it's good to take personal responsibility for your weight loss.

    Careful, I'm not sparing anyone.

    When I was a fat boy I had a thousand excuses for my size. Most of them I found in my surroundings: I was fat because of things I couldn't do anything about. These were lies and self-deception, of course, simple justifications to make me feel better.
    In short, I took no responsibility for my condition. Luckily, I realized how wrong I was. I even wrote down a mantra that I bleed myself several times a day.

    The Mantra
    "The condition of my body is entirely my fault. It's my fault. I let myself go. I was just eating trash. I'm the only one responsible and only I can fix it."That worked. I've lost about 30 kilos of fat and built up 12 kilos of muscle. On the way there were mistakes and long periods in which nothing happened. But I also learned important things for life - hard, heartless lessons that have been proven outside the gym.

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